No-nonsense digital acceleration

hi, I'm Jorik!

I've been working in the world of digital marketing for over 10 years and I'm loving it! You need to be fast, innovative, hands-on and tech-savvy and that's what I'm striving for on a daily basis. I've been working in digital positions only and I've done so at companies like Siemens, KPN and Efteling. Nowadays I help companies accelerate on their digital strategy. Perhaps there's a chance for us to collaborate? Let's talk about it over coffee!


I like to innovate and optimize based on facts. Cool ideas? Let’s test it. Blue works better? Let’s prove it.

Growth hacking

Let’s create leverage via new and perhaps unexpected opportunities to grow your product or service.


Together we’ll make sure that you can keep optimizing continuously to ensure continuous growth.

With passion

When working in a digital environment, I’ll be working with passion. Like I said, it’s what I love to do.

About Digital Motive

A no-nonsense approach
A one-person, no-nonsense firm called Digital Motive

My story
I've worked at digital departments within large corporates for several years, and honestly: I liked it a lot. The opportunities are impressive, there's so much to do and the building is filled with smart, young people.

I've also experienced that when these enterprises need help, they tend to search for an equally large consultancy firm, while when it comes to digital, they might be better off seeking help from smaller, specialised firms.

Well, that's what I started: a one-person, no-nonsense firm called Digital Motive:

Helping you out as a Product Owner, Online Marketer, App Marketer or Digital Strategist.

  • Product Owner

    Creating beautiful products and services in an agile way.

  • Online Marketer

    Both sales and service focussed online marketing. Datadriven of course.

  • App Marketer

    Activating apps to grow downloads and- more importantly- actual usages.

  • Digital Strategist

    Defining the overall digital strategy to maximize output.

So let's get in touch

I'd love to hear about what you're working on and see if I can be of any help. Feel free to reach out!
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